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The Spirit of Africville

[Africville Genealogical Society]
Zona geográfica: Nova Scotia, Canada
Ref: Bibliográfica: Africville Genealogical Society. The Spirit of Africville. Halifax: Formac Publishing, 1992.

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“Canada as an Urban Nation”

Artibise, Alan F. J.
Zona geográfica: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Canada
Ref: Bibliográfica: Artibise, Alan F. J. “Canada as an Urban Nation”, Daedalus 117 (4), 1988: 237-264.

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“Canadian Urban Space as Portrayed in Selected Fiction and Non-Fiction”

Burke, Nancy
Zona geográfica: Canada
Ref: Bibliográfica: Burke, Nancy. “Canadian Urban Space as Portrayed in Selected Fiction and Non-Fiction”. In Place and Location: Studies in Environmental Aesthetics and Semiotics III. Edited by Virve Sarapik and Kadri Tuur. Tallinn, Estonia: The Research Group of Cultural and Literary Theory, Estonian Literary Museum Institute of Art History, Estonian Academy of Arts Estonian Semiotics Association, 2003. 303-313.

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